teamWork – competitive fitness

teamwork offers a way for you to compete against your friends all while striving towards a healthier you.

teamWork is the first team-based competitive fitness app. Join/create groups and compete against your friends within your group or against other groups! Log your workouts to help propel your team to victory!

Hungry Dot – Feed It!

Our newest game

Hungry Dot – Feed It! is a simple and fun arcade game. Tap the center dot to match it to the color of the dots coming towards it. The higher you score, the higher you climb on the global leaderboard!

Hyper Snake (Snake – The New Classic)

Over 1000 downloads!

SNAKE is an enhanced, re-made version of the classic 1997 game. Slither around as you eat food to gain points! Use your coins to buy various power-ups, and climb the leaderboard to become the world’s best! Plus, don’t miss out on the MANY other features included to make this game more addicting than ever!

Experience the fun of several exciting features, including:
– Customize the color of your snake, food, and background! Create awesome color combinations!
– Check out all your gameplay stats, and work to raise your overall rating!
– See where you rank among the world’s top players!
– Buy power-ups in the shop!

Animal Generation

Over 2000 downloads!

Animal Generation is the best animal age converter on the AppStore! Convert the ages of numerous animals to human years, and learn about every animal just by clicking the info button at the top. Animal Generation also includes a photo collage maker for some extra fun!

Rapid Tap-It

One of our most-used apps!

Rapid Tap-It is an energetic game where you can face off with your friends to see who can tap the fastest. You could also pick from any one of the other 3 game modes for endless fun. Need more game modes? Get the full-version for not only more game modes, but double the amount of sounds on the soundboard!